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Dr. Scott Mitchell

The first thing you’ll notice when you meet Dr. Scott is a tie between his innate desire to truly connect with you on a deeper level and his thick (and what he claims to be AMAZING) Boston accent! Growing up in the northeast inspired Dr. Scott to pursue a medical biology degree from the University of New England. However, during his studies he found himself challenging a lot of what he was learning. He felt that living a holistic lifestyle was a better way to stay healthy than what he was exposed to in the medical model. This is what drove Dr. Scott to discover chiropractic.

Dr. Scott graduated from Life Chiropractic College West in California, which is a school known for “hands on learning.” Dr. Scott practices a variety of chiropractic techniques to ensure that you are receiving the care that YOU need (no cookie cutter approach in this office). This approach allows Dr. Scott to help people heal from a wide range of issues, which are described in the “services” tab above.

Dr. Scott believes that human potential is nearly LIMITLESS and has dedicated his life to the endless pursuit of this potential.


Dr. James Jacques

Graduating from Parker University in Dallas, Dr. Jacques wasted no time to move back to Austin!
Dr. Jacques believes we all have our unique ways of making our body and mind thrive which makes the potential impact for all of us LIMITLESS!

Providing chiropractic care is amazing but diving deep in making sure that each patient learns about their own health and the specific self care needed outside the office is vital. He considers each patient as a teammate to strive towards their goals in and out of the office.

‍Dr. Jacques moved to America from France in 1997. He’s lived in multiple states around America before finally settling down in Austin in 2013. Immediately after graduating from college with a degree in Human Biology, he enrolled at Lauterstein & Conway Massage School as a stepping stone to improve his knowledge of the human anatomy.

His goal with the first visit for every new patient is to first destress and decompress the Neuromuscular System to provided better functionality in movement. With improved functionality, it's only a matter of time before any acute or chronic pain subsides and allows us to thrive!

Our Team

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Office Manager


Growing up in a small suburb south of Dallas, Danielle dreamed of finding a city that provided opportunity, growth, and adventure. There was no turning back once she discovered Austin!

During her time living in Austin she attended Texas State University and graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Exercise & Sports Science. She believes in living life to the fullest every minute of the day and rejoicing in the memories that come along the way!

When she is not managing Limitless Chiropractic, you can find her walking around Town Lake, bouncing around group fitness classes, or napping on the office beanbag.

Be sure to say "Hi" to Danielle on your next appointment!

Staff Member


Achlie (pronounced Ashley) grew up in Dallas, Texas and moved to Austin in 2006 after graduating from Stephen F. Austin State University.

She immediately knew Austin was her home with all of the outdoor activities, hiking, water, and artistic people. Achlie also works as a full time hairstylist here in Austin!

When she's not in the office you can find Achlie outside spending time in nature or reading.

Be sure to say "Hi" to Achlie on your next appointment!

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